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As winter gives way to spring, there will be many days with muddy streets and sidewalks in the Pacific Northwest. The likelihood of a slip and fall accident can significantly rise since wet surfaces are frequently slick. Walkers and property owners can lessen the likelihood of a significant slip and fall accident by taking simple preventive measures.

Over a million Americans yearly have a slip, trip, or fall injury. The phrase “slip and fall” is frequently used to describe an accident resulting in harm brought on by slipping or falling on someone else’s property. Since a slip and fall case frequently occurs on another’s “premises,” it is also categorized as a premises liability cases and claim.

In many slip and fall accidents, the party at fault is the land owner (or, in a commercial environment, a corporate tenant in control of the land). There are various reasons why people trip and fall, but in my 27 years of injury legal practice, I have found that most fit into a few clear categories. Flooring is a frequent contributing factor, and some of the situations we frequently encounter include unlevel hardwood or linoleum, damaged carpets, damp tiles, poor lighting, and small stairwells.

A person must be affected and be able to demonstrate that the property owner or renter in control of the property did something improperly or neglected to do something necessary that contributed to the person’s injury to identify whether the slip and fall cases involving a basis in law and will stand up in court. Having a knowledgeable injury attorney assist you in analyzing these crucial initial inquiries makes sense because property owners are subject to several legal responsibilities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have classified slip and fall accidents into high and same-level falls. As the name implies, high falls are typically much more dangerous than same-level falls and frequently cause more significant injuries. High falls are injuries that occur when you descend from a higher level to a lower level, whereas same-level falls are often classed as a slip and trip caused by strolling along a surface (think stairs).

As predicted, these falls frequently result in more severe injuries, resulting in more significant compensation for persons who successfully bring a case, either by judgment or settlement. Alcohol impairment is one of the most frequent causes of an increased falls, and for obvious reasons, someone who was drinking when they fell will likely have a much harder time supporting their case. We had looked at instances when an otherwise solid argument was rendered weak due to alcohol drinking, and we have decided not to accept those claims.

Slip and fall accident report risk factors

Slip and fall accidents are more likely to occur in wet or icy conditions, at night, on uneven surfaces, with loose carpets, with exposed wires, and when there is other debris on the floor. We have more danger of slipping and falling when we are in a hurry or neglect to pay attention to our surroundings. It is useless to walk through foreign territory. The age factor is an additional risk factor.

According to data from the National Flooring Safety Institute, elderly persons have the highest risk of falling. Tragically, slips and falls claim the lives of hundreds of seniors every year. In actuality, the chance of falling rises noticeably with each decade of age.

Responsibility of property owners

Real estate owners are required by law to take “reasonable care and maintenance” of the property to keep it free from hazards. In other words, property owners have a responsibility to notify visitors about potential hazards before they are rectified, if at all possible, and to promptly repair any known concerns.

Suppose a property owner’s failure to provide adequate care and maintenance caused you or a loved one to slip and fall accident and sustain injuries. In that case, you should speak with a slip and fall attorney immediately to learn more about your legal options.

Avoid slip and fall case and slip and fall lawyers

You can prevent an accident with the aid of these safety recommendations:

• When it’s dark outdoors, try to avoid using unlit sidewalks or streets (or bring a flashlight)

• When using escalators or stairs, hold onto the handrails.

• If you have trouble staying upright, wear comfortable, grippy shoes.

• Be aware of your surroundings, and always slow down if you see a “wet floor” sign.

• If you carry a heavy box that interferes with your vision, take the elevator or a cart.

• Avoid conversing on your phone or sending texts while you’re moving.

• When it’s raining outside, wipe your feet on a mat before entering a building.

• Avoid placing your wet umbrella on the path.

There are a few things you should do right away if you were hurt in a slip and fall accident to improve your chances of winning a lawsuit later on:

1. Take immediate action to address all of your medical issues.
You must get medical care and a diagnosis if you think you could have been injured, even if it’s a minor injury. It will not only expedite your recovery but also serve as proof that you did sustain an injury. You must have this documentation if you decide to file a claim against the property owner.

2. Obtain it in writing and take photos.
After your slip and fall accidents, you should get the names and phone numbers of witnesses who may have seen you fall or the dangerous situation that caused your fall. Statements made by witnesses are crucial. Taking photos that will help your case is also vital. Make sure to take pictures of the exact location where you fell and any icy patches, dangerous staircases, or other potentially dangerous circumstances that may have contributed to your accident.

3. Remember to record your activities before the incident and your reasons for being in the specified area.
Record the day and time of your fall, how you were injured, and any pain you felt immediately. Additionally, gather the clothes and shoes you wore when the incident occurred and set them aside for safety. These things might eventually be used as proof.
As soon as you can, give the property owner notice. It would help if you informed the property owner where the slip and fall accident happened and that you were harmed there. Be sure to inform the owner or property management about the mishap on the sidewalk, at a shop, or at a relative’s home.

4. Don’t use social media.
Even though many people now communicate via social media, you must keep all conversations about the occurrence to in-person or phone conversations. Also, exercise extreme caution when posting anything regarding the accident, post-accident activities, or both, on social media. Your comments may be used against you, most likely by the property owner’s insurance provider or their attorneys. When speaking with the property owner, be composed and wait to make any statements until you have a lawyer.

5. Consult a lawyer right away.
It is best to contact a qualified injury lawyer as soon as possible if you are considering filing a lawsuit following a slip and fall injuries. A skilled attorney can and will handle these matters quickly because there is frequently a lot of work that needs to be done immediately following the accident (obtaining security video before it is erased, obtaining witness testimonies, examining the area before repairs are completed, etc.). Since these situations can be challenging, receiving assistance as soon as possible increases your chances of success.


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