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Houston Nurse Arrested in Connection with 6 Murders after a Fiery California Car Wreck

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The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced that a Houston nurse named Nicole Linton, age 37, is facing six counts of murder in Los Angeles County following the fiery car crash which killed five people, including one who was pregnant.

She is also facing five counts of vehicular manslaughter. The DA’s office did not file a charge for her unborn fetus so she will have to stand trial without any possibility at all that there could be anything but conviction on all charges which includes up to 90 years or life in prison depending what happens with this case.

Prosecutors said that Linton was driving her Mercedes Benz around 90 mph when she ran red light and collided with several cars at an intersection 10 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The video footage shows that how Linton’s car caught fire upon impact before crashing into metal pole which caused it to flames up close footage capturing this moment in time forevermore. The prosecutors added “her luxurious vehicle looked more like something you would see on Hollywood Blvd than crumbling streets full debris.”

On Thursday night, the Linton’s Mercedes collided with a car having 3 passengers 23 year old Asherey Ryan, her 11-month-old son Alonzo Quintero & her boyfriend Reynold Lester. The deaths of all three have left an open wound in the community. Ryan, young mother was killed along with his unborn child when their car crashed into another one head-on Thursday night near Highway 290, later found that she had been going somewhere important like prenatal doctor’s appointment.

There were two other women who got killed by Nurse Nicole Linton on the same day but their names have not been announced yet.

The District Attorney delivered an emotional speech at a news conference Monday, speaking about the consequences of this fiery crash and how it has impacted many lives. He said that while traffic eventually resumed after removal of debris frominiate scene though there is still much damage done to families nationwide who lost loved ones in accidents or seen video footage going viral on social media networks such Facebook or Youtube. The Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón spoke highly regarding his feelings following recent events where two vehicles stopped abruptly causing them both rear end collisions.

The Prosecutor said “Linton is an admittedly reckless driver who has been in 13 car accidents, but there’s no evidence she was ever under the influence of drugs or alcohol during any one them. One crash happened near Harris County in 2016 and another at Laredo Texas back in 2013! Both crashes were minor fender benders according to Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) records.

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Houston has the fastest expanding population. In addition a larger metro area will see rapid growth. As cities grow, road and highway traffic is growing. Parallel car crashes are becoming more difficult. During 2020, Houston had 68,167 vehicle accidents compared to 59,626 in Houston. Although this is lower than in 2019 with 689.33 collisions, the number has declined significantly since then due mostly to the Corona virus! But crash statistics show an increased number of accidents throughout the city.

In 2021 so far, there have been 3,017 car accidents in Houston. Of those accidents, 1,209 resulted in injuries and 171 resulted in fatalities. This is a significant increase from the 2,837 accidents that occurred in 2020. The most common cause of accidents in Houston is speeding, followed by drunk driving and distracted driving.

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In 2016, more than 14,000 vehicles were involved in serious car accidents. In one accident nearly 800 people died in a head-on crash. This time the death of one man was not counted. As drivers of Houston, we trust others to obey Texas driving law. Having broken this trust is dangerous. Contact car wreck attorney Houston for a free case evaluation!