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Non-Injury Car Accident Lawyers: Get Compensation You Deserve

After a car accident, you may instantly realize that you are hurt and should seek medical attention immediately. In some case, you feel okay and well because you have survived the accident and didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

However, there is a wide range of possibilities between these two situations.

What happens if you experience pain, stiffness, or other unsettling symptoms after the adrenaline wears off? At this point, you should seek medical attention, and if you are told you have concealed injuries, you should speak with the Non-Injury Car Accident Lawyers about your legal options.

Never be afraid to seek medical attention and insurance.

Remember that persons who have just been in an accident may not know their injuries or the degree of their injuries until hours or even days later. As a result, we always recommend seeing a medical expert following an accident to ensure there aren’t any injuries or symptoms that aren’t visible at first.

Remember, if you were hurt in a vehicle accident but can’t afford medical attention, our company may be able to assist you in getting assessed for NO OUT-OF-POCKET COST.

One of the most challenging battles we have with insurance companies who refuse to pay our clients’ vehicle accident claims is the argument that “your client didn’t seek treatment straight away; thus, they must not have been hurt.” Even if injuries don’t emerge for hours or days after an accident, and even if people don’t always have the money to see a doctor straight away, insurance companies consistently cling to this point.

My recommendation to you is to ignore them. We urge seeking medical attention as soon as possible following a car accident to prevent unpleasant surprises with your health and injury claim later on.

Since its founding in Houston, Texas, in 1999, our company has expanded to multiple sites around the country, including hubs in Dallas, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We’ve developed a trusted network of partners in all 50 states that share our values and dedication to quality.

No matter where you are, it is our duty to guarantee that you get the best counsel for your vehicle accident case. We provide a free case evaluation to help you after a significant vehicle accident. We can assist you in navigating the claims procedure and protecting your rights along the way.

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Symptoms Can Take Time to Develop

Many concealed injuries may not become evident for some time after a collision. You may believe you escaped without damage when, in truth, your symptoms have just not settled into your body. Because of concealed or delayed symptoms, the following injuries might be difficult to recognize after a fatal accident Houston:


  • TBI (trauma to the brain)  

      Because it is so difficult to detect, this injury is usually called the “silent” or “invisible” injury. Many people are unaware that they were in a vehicle accident or that they did not strike their heads at all, so they never consider the potential of TBI. Others may merely hit their heads but have no idea how hard it was to harm their brains. 

Brain injuries are complex injuries that vary from person to person. It might be difficult to establish all the consequences of your injuries, so if you obtained this diagnosis, you should search and consult with a highly experienced non injury car accident defence attorney near me.

  • Injuries to soft tissues 

      An automobile collision can force your body to twist or stretch in unexpected directions, frequently so fast that you may not notice. A twisting action is especially typical since the seat belt is only pulled over one shoulder, often halting one side of the body while the other turns forward. This rapid, unusual action can harm the body’s ligaments, tendons, and muscles. 

Insurance firms may argue that you must have been hurt in another event following the collision if you do not seek medical assistance quickly away. Our Auto Lawyers understand how to claim compensation that you did not receive treatment since the development of symptoms was delayed.

  • Disc herniation

      Most people know that car accidents frequently result in neck or back strains. Accident sufferers, like soft tissue injuries, may dismiss pain after a crash as usual and expect it to go away in a few days. However, the impact of an automobile collision might do more harm than you realize.

A collision can rupture one of your disks, the soft cushions between your vertebrae, causing the inner fluid to push out and irritate the surrounding nerves. A herniated disk causes more significant symptoms than a sprain or strain, such as loss of muscular control, muscle weakness, loss of feeling, and extreme pain.

  • Psychological harm 

      Many individuals misread the significance of psychological problems that might result from a vehicle accident. You may not even contemplate the likelihood that your accident would cause significant psychological harm. According to a study, more than 9% of vehicle accident survivors acquire post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and emotional or mental trauma, which can cause various adverse symptoms.

PTSD can result in nightmares, flashbacks, aversion to driving, temper difficulties, and other symptoms. Instead of contemplating a PTSD examination, you may dismiss these symptoms as the result of stress or other problems in your life. Untreated PTSD, on the other hand, can cause anxiety, despair, and acute terror. While many of these disorders are curable via counseling, medication, and other methods, many people do not receive the necessary care.

What Happens If You Are Not Diagnosed As Non-Injury Car Accident victims?

Many vehicle accident victims misread the consequences of delayed or no diagnosis of their injuries. In reality, several negative consequences might arise for your health, as well as any potential legal claims. Our Non-Injury Car Accident Lawyers has witnessed the effects of failing to obtain a diagnosis on several occasions.

A delayed diagnosis implies that your injury will continue untreated, frequently worsening the disease. Complications can occur when good therapy would have avoided them. A simple fracture, for example, may heal quickly if you obtain the correct medical equipment and follow treatment guidelines. 

However, if you misdiagnose your fracture as a strain that will heal on its own and neglect to get treatment, you may develop bone divergence or absolute damage to your muscles, ligaments, or nerves.

Next, failing to obtain a timely diagnosis might have various consequences in a legal case. When you learn you have been injured, you will most likely wish to seek compensation from any negligent parties who caused your accident. Any delay in diagnosing your injuries, on the other hand, may lead that party’s insurance adjusters to contest responsibility by arguing the following:

Your injury was not caused by the accident in question. 

If more time passes between your non-injury car accident and your diagnosis, the insurance company, car accident lawyer and personal injury lawyer may claim that enough time has been given for you to be involved in another accident. 

The insurance company’s claims adjuster would consider that the alleged accident was the genuine cause of your physical injuries. So the motorist in the initial accident should not be held liable for your medical expenditures. This condition would not exclude you from receiving compensation. Still, it may need your auto accident lawyer college station, and car accident attorney battle ground providing more technical and comprehensive evidence that the collision caused your injuries.

You provoke the damage by delaying too long

An insurance provider company may potentially allege that your medical expenditures are much higher, disregarding the personal injury cases and the delay in diagnosis. 

The firm may argue that you would have needed significantly less comprehensive and costly care if you had gone to the doctor immediately and obtained urgent medical treatment. As a result, the insurer may try to withhold reimbursement for most of your medical expenses since you could have prevented them.

Again, while a misdiagnosis may complicate your vehicle accident claim, it does not exclude you from receiving financial compensation. Never let this deter you from calling a personal injury attorney to discuss your options.

Our non-injury accident lawyer takes on challenging situations, and we can determine whether your claim can be successful despite a delayed diagnosis. Contact us for a free case evaluation so we can go over what transpired and advise you of your legal options.

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Why Hire Houston experienced car accident attorney?

 You may believe that seeking compensation following a vehicle accident is as straightforward as filing an insurance claim and receiving a check, but this is rarely the case. Many vehicle accident victims turn to car wreck Houston for aid after trying to manage the procedure independently and being frustrated.

 Unfortunately, insurance companies are not in the business of paying every claim. Instead, these corporations attempt to minimize or even deny claims wherever possible. They do this to keep their profit margins safe.

 Even if you do not have a delayed diagnosis, dealing with the at-fault other driver’s insurance company can be difficult. They may attempt to dupe you into providing recorded statements that they may later use against you. They can minimize your claim to get you to accept a smaller settlement. Hire a Non Injury car accident lawyer to get the fair compensation that you deserve, Call us right away!