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Sideswipe Car Accident Collisions-Most Damaging Type of Collision

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Texas roads are full of cars with battle scars to tell the tale – a side-by-side scrape here, a dent there. These poor vehicles have likely been through an unfortunate sideswipe crash in their time on the highways and byways of our great state!

On Houston roads, tragedy can strike in a matter of moments. Every day brings countless accidents that devastate lives and disrupt the daily routines of those involved.

Negligence behind the wheel can be a matter of life and death; when a sideswipe car accident occurs, the devastating consequences reach far beyond vehicle damage. Victims face emotional pain and financial suffering as they grapple with who will pay for medical bills or other expenses related to a severe crash.

At Car Wreck Houston, our savvy legal team has seen it all when it comes to auto accidents. From minor fender benders to serious sideswipe collisions, they have a deep understanding of navigating today’s complex litigation landscape and getting you the compensation you deserve! Our lawyers are here to help you get back on track after a sideswipe accident. With their expert advice, you can maximize your recovery options and start the process of reclaiming what’s yours – but don’t wait! Contact us now for personalized guidance tailored to your exact situation.

What Is A Sideswipe Accident?

When two vehicles are traveling in the same direction, or even heading head-on toward each other, a sideswipe collision can occur – resulting in an impact between their respective sides. With a side swipe collision, one vehicle is often unaware of the other due to a “blind spot” that restricts their vision. Unfortunately for those on the receiving end, this means sometimes an accident happens before they can even see it coming.

A Sideswipe accident, more commonly known as “blind spot accidents,” can be caused by anything from driver negligence to fatigue. Whether it’s drifting into another lane due to distractions or a simple lapse in judgment, these collisions are just as dangerous and damaging as any other car crash.

Car accidents are very dangerous despite collisions. Despite its importance, one of the worst kinds of accidents is side-swipe car accidents. A sideswipe collision is the collision between a two-wheeler travelling at different speeds. These usually occur in the event of one party being negligent in losing control of the car or in errant lane changes. Accidents caused by side swings can have serious injuries for drivers and result in direct trauma, causing brain injuries or spinal injuries.

What Should You Do If You Have Side Swipe Accident Injuries?

Without wasting a minute, you should call our Houston car accident lawyer to fight your case. They can help you collect evidence, a strong case, maximum compensation, and peace of mind. Also, fighting a case without legal knowledge is quite difficult, you should have someone with you, who is aware of the statute of limitations for filing a sideswipe accident case, and what documents such as a medical report, job loss details, etc are required.

How Does Side Swipe Car Accident Happen?

Side swipe car accidents can result from various unfortunate situations, from distracted driving to road rage. Although often leading only to damage to property such as scratches and jammed doors, sideswipes have been known to cause fatal collisions when cars are traveling at high speeds. Common reasons why sideswipe accidents occur include texting while driving, fatigued drivers temporarily falling asleep at the wheel, vehicles that fail to recognize smaller ones during lane changes or merging maneuvers; intoxicated drivers not maintaining lanes correctly and angry motorists’ intent on expressing their frustration by deliberately swiping other cars with theirs. Have a look at the major reasons below;

  • Using mobile phone.
  • Eating while driving.
  • Under drug influence.

Depending upon the collision, the injuries are largely dependent upon the vehicle involved in the accident. Mismatched automobiles can affect injury location and severity. A report released by “ScienceDirect on Accident Analysis and Prevention” in September 2004 documents a link between heavier cars and increased accident severity. While sideswipe collision accident often cause traumatic injuries head injuries are the most frequently attributed to accident injuries, you should call a car accident attorney. Severe head trauma is often associated with severe head injuries that require long-lasting care.

Common Sideswipe Accident Injuries You Have to Face After Sideswiped Car Hit and Run?

An unexpected sideswipe collision can be a particularly hazardous situation with unknown severity. The outcome of the accident depends on where each vehicle collided, as well as what kinds of cars were involved in the crash.

While the doors provide some protection for passengers in a crash, vehicles have few additional safety features to guard against potential injuries. In the event of an unfortunate frontal impact, powerful engines and quickly-activated airbags help absorb much of its force; should you experience a rear-end collision, however, your trunk will do its part as well by acting like a strong shield between you and whatever else is coming from behind.

Despite the strength of modern cars, their sides remain vulnerable to high-impact collisions. Passengers seated beside a collision’s point of impact must suffer its full force – leaving them more injured than those passengers in other areas inside the vehicle.

When driving, the risk of sideswiping another vehicle or object on the roadside is real – resulting in a dangerous chain reaction with potentially hazardous consequences. In a collision, size does matter. If two cars of disparate sizes crash together – such as when a large truck smashes into the side of a small car – those inside can expect disastrous consequences due to their vehicles’ unequal weight and force distributions during impact.

You can have the following Sideswipe accidents injuries:

  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and back Injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Knee injuries
  • Hip damage
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Internal injuries

Unexpected sideswiping accidents are particularly dangerous due to their unpredictable nature. A serious injury depends a lot upon the location of an accident on your vehicle. In addition to the doorway there are fewer safety features on the vehicle side which adds protection. In front collisions, engines and airbag absorb the impact somewhat; Similarly in the back, trunks serve as barriers for occupants and vehicle collisions from behind. However, the rear is always visible. In consequence passengers sitting in impact areas often suffer the most damage. Meet experienced personal injury attorney to recover financial compensation.

Who is liable for Sideswipe collisions?

Drivers should always remain on the same road except when turning or changing the road lane. During a lane change the driver must first use the correct Turn Signal to ensure that the lane where he is traveling is clear of traffic. In sideways crashes, drivers are often at a loss for maintaining their lane. Exceptions may arise in cases of two cars trying to pass the same traffic road simultaneously or when the sideswipe occurs because of a separate accident. In an accident that occurred side by side, the driver must prove:

What happens when a large truck sideswipes a small vehicle?

In a truck collision, the likelihood of damage or injuries increases. A truck can turn a glancing blow into a forceful impact that could cause serious damage. In accident situations where cars are lowered to a height that causes an overridden collision that quickly destroys a car or seriously injures the occupants if it s. The Underrider Guard prevents sideswipe and side-impact crashes from occurring. IIHS crash tests have demonstrated the use of side guards for side protection in trailer crashes.

What makes sideswipe collisions dangerous?

In our thoughts, automobile accidents head-on or rear ends are usually the most common. We rarely think that a more frequent accident could happen: side-swipe accident. According to IIHS statistics, 242,000 sideswipe collisions occur annually. Approximately 27,000 people are injured in sidewipe accidents. Side wipe crash rates account for about 27% of fatalities. Typically this accident is associated with relatively minimal property damage e.g scratch or dents. However many are seriously wounded.

How to Determine Sideswipe Car Accident Fault

The state of Florida law, 627.776, which governs Florida automobiles, requires that every vehicle whose registration includes personal liability coverage. When a person is injured at any time during a collision, your insurer will pay a portion of his or her medical expenses. Your insurer covers costs related to accidents. The no fault benefit helps reduce the risk that an accident may occur.

Let Your Car Accident Attorney Deal with Insurance Company Investigations

If your car has been struck in a sideswiping accident, you need the support of an attorney. Your auto insurance policies do not cover the possibility of any claims. You must contact your auto insurer for your PIP claim, as well as report any claim affecting your liability. Your insurer may ask if it can verify you were injured.

What to do after a Sideswipe Crash?

Some side sweep accidents mean minimal injuries to the car, with little or minor scratching. However, insurance companies may consider accidents as minor.

After a tragic accident, your mind may feel overwhelmed and confused. This step protects your personal rights under the law.

If you have suffered personal damage after an auto accident, you can use these steps to obtain compensation;

Call Police:

When a collision occurs, evidence is key to determining fault. Fortunately, police reports provide important information that can be used toward this purpose – details collected through speaking with all involved and any witnesses present at the scene are documented by an officer in charge of the investigation. Furthermore, these accounts may even contain opinions on who was primarily responsible for causing accident; though not necessarily final determinations of guilt or innocence, they offer insight as to liability should legal proceedings ensue down the road.

Get Medical Assistance:

Getting injured can be a frightening, painful experience that leaves one feeling powerless and confused. To maximize your recovery journey it is essential to seek professional medical assistance as soon as possible – even if you don’t feel pain in the beginning or believe no harm has been done. Seeking proper documentation for any injuries sustained is also highly beneficial when seeking financial compensation or determining how best to manage treatment and rehabilitation going forward.

Note Down Everything

Make sure you don’t miss a single detail of the accident! To maximize your legal protection, be sure to capture photos that can provide insight into what happened. At the scene, take pictures of each involved vehicle and their surroundings; including any documentation exchanged during this incident will prove invaluable for building a strong case in court or with insurance companies.

Visit Sideswipe Car Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in a sideswiped car accident? Contact an experienced injury attorney to determine if filing a personal injury claim is your best option for receiving the full amount of compensation you deserve. A reputable law firm can provide expert guidance and ensure that all your options are taken into consideration so no stone goes unturned on your path to recovery!

Side Swipe Car Damage to Calculate Compensation

After a sideswipe accident, it’s time to focus on recovery. At our law firm, our Houston car accident lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the compensation necessary for your healing and well-being – covering lost wages, medical bills (both past and present), rehabilitation costs plus any suffering caused by physical pain or mental anguish due to lifestyle changes resulting from the crash.

Contact Car Accident Lawyer in Houston for Sideswipe Death

In sideswipe collisions, if you have lost someone or if you are at sideswipe car accident fault, contact our car accident lawyer Houston to know if you qualify for recovery for your injuries from a sideswipe accident.